The old rig - space crawl

Check out the pipes that are exposed, and look for signs of leaking. Look underneath the pipes to see if you can find any water damage. Take a flashlight and look at the wood under the house for signs of rotting, possibly from a leaky bathroom. Investigate around the outside of your house for any type of drainage problems. Check the gutters and downspouts and make sure they are connected and draining properly away from the house.

Who's ready for a jam session? The HGTV Smart Home 2014 rec room sets the stage for hours of music-making with signed instruments, stage lights and a vibrant chalkboard mural backdrop.

Posting your gameplays here  will allow you to showcase your gameplays to my Twitter and Facebook followers as they will be pushed to my timeline immediately. I have about  42k followers  on Twitter.  This helps you to get more subscribers and promote your Youtube gameplays to the many gamers on Twitter.

The Old Rig - Space CrawlThe Old Rig - Space CrawlThe Old Rig - Space CrawlThe Old Rig - Space Crawl