Burt bacharach - reach out

Elton John played piano and Stevie Wonder played harmonica; the two had previously worked together on 1983's " I Guess That's Why They Call It the Blues ".

In 1970, it was released by the Carpenters on their album Close to You , and it became their breakthrough hit. The song stayed at number one on the Billboard Hot 100 for four weeks. This song was originally given to Herb Alpert as a follow up to his number one hit, "This Guy's in Love with You", another Bacharach-David composition. Alpert was not thrilled with his version and shelved the recording. Looking for a follow-up to their first A&M Records/ Billboard number 54 recording " Ticket to Ride ", in 1969 Alpert decided to give it to the Carpenters (Alpert's version was released in 2005 on the Tijuana Brass album Lost Treasures 1963–1974 ). Richard had stated that when Alpert introduced the song to him back in early 1970, he was a bit apprehensive about the song. [2] He and Alpert collaborated on the song, and the finished product was a 4-minute, 36-second long song. When A&M Records decided to remove the extended coda and release it as a 3-minute, 40-second long single in May 1970, it became A&M's biggest hit since Alpert's " This Guy's in Love with You " from 1968. Billboard ranked it as the number 2 song for 1970. [3]

Burt Bacharach - Reach OutBurt Bacharach - Reach OutBurt Bacharach - Reach OutBurt Bacharach - Reach Out