Thedayisdone - what i have lost thus far

Over the next several years, as he lectured on Dante and Goethe to classes made up of the sons of New England’s elite, as he befriended up-and-coming young men such as Cornelius Felton and Charles Sumner, and as he made a place for himself in Cambridge and Boston society, Longfellow began writing poetry for the first time in years, perhaps in part to meet the challenge his father had set him. His poems from this period seem motivated by a new sense of public obligation, a determination to be useful and instructive as a poet, and a desire to improve and uplift his readers. In moving to Cambridge and taking up his duties at Harvard, Longfellow entered a sphere that gave added impetus and scope to the incipient paternalism of his poetry.

Thedayisdone - What I Have Lost Thus FarThedayisdone - What I Have Lost Thus Far