Right on time - rum & tequila

The best-selling high proof rum in the world. 90% of rum sales in Jamaica are of Wray and Nephew. Overproof is a very potent spirit indeed!

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They’ve all been key to building this partnership with the sea, where our hand-crafted rum spends it’s years before we share it with you.

Thanks for checking me out! Well.. first and foremost, if you hadn't already been able to tell, I'm no expert on Rum Making, Rum Blending, Distillation or any other technical sort of stuff. What I am good at though is drinking rum! The only problem that I have is that although I try to critique the … Read On...

Park your car in the Leverock's parking lot and catch the water taxi over to our Island restaurant! This 20 minute, $6, ride through the inter-coastal, to the Island will bring you right to the Rum Bay docks and it's just a short walk on the boardwalk through the mangroves to our front door.

One challenge to making Ti’ Punch is choosing the right rhum agricole. Usually, high-proof (100 proof or more) rhum agricole blanc is preferred to lower-proof rhum blanc or aged rhum, which tends to be bottled at a lower proof. While 80-proof rhum agricole blanc is available in the ., Hamilton says that in Martinique they only drink the 100-proof stuff. He thinks it “has a lot more flavor and makes a much better drink.”

The first step is fermentation. If you’ve read any of my wine or beer making articles, you know how this works. You need to add half of the water and all of the sugar and molasses to a stockpot. If you have one big enough to hold all of the water, then do so.

Right On Time - Rum & TequilaRight On Time - Rum & TequilaRight On Time - Rum & TequilaRight On Time - Rum & Tequila